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Ncoin is NCsofts premium currency used in their most of their games. You can use it to purchase all sorts of digital items from the item shop , extend or buy a premium subscription and all other ncsoft services. You can get Ncoin in a number of ways, including our site and buying it from the game website. Ncoin can be used in Aion, linage 2, Wildstar and Blade and soul amongst others. You can read about the games blade and soul and Wildstar in the paragraphs below.

Blade and Soul is NCsoft newest MMORPG, hugely popular in Korea it has finnaly come to the western gaming world. Blade and soul allows you to become a Powerful Fighter! Choose one of four dynamic races and create a hugely detailed character with the very best character creator in an mmo ever, allowing you to create a truly unique avatar.

Setting itself apart from other mmorpgs, Blade & Soul is based around a martial arts setting, specifically drawing from the "Wushu" style of Chinese kung fu legends. B&S has a visually breathtaking world which you can explore in a new and unique way! By gliding, jumping and almost flying over it! As not only the art and visual style has been influenced by legendary artist Hyunh Tae Kim but the entire gameworld! Your character can learn to glide on the wind, dash trough rivers and even jump over mountains in an epic cinematic style as seen in movies like "Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon" This gives players a new way to explore a gameworld!

Pick from 7 classes and master the epic fast paced action-combat system to unleash havoc on your enemies! Although the styles of Wushu are easy to learn, they are incredibly hard to master, it will takes years of practice to become a true master. In B&S you can fight in PVP duels in the arena, something that has become an e-sport in japan. There is also a variety of PvE challenges including instanced dungeons to test your combat mettle.

Blade and soul has a highly intriguing story set in classic mystic China. As a young student of the Hongmoon school you train your skills in the kung fu forms. One fatefull day the evil Jinsoyun arrives at the school and murders everyone you know in search for an artifact. After having suvived this massacre is when your story truly begins. Became a grandmaster, rise in power and eventually seek revenge on the evil master to stop him from unleashing more evil on the world of blade and soul.

Wildstar is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game developed by NCsoft. Enter a magical sci-fi world and have a grand adventure in the world of Wildstar!

Discover the legendary planet Nexus! Embark on an epic quest of galactic proportions! Choose a side and fight for control of Nexus, while uncovering the secrets of the hyper-advanced Eldan that disappeared from the planet long ago.

Choose one of the factions to live your Wildstar life for! The exiles: Fleed from their homeworld by their mortal enemy the Dominion, the Exiles are a impromptu alliance of mercenaries, outlaws and refugees that have traveled to planet Nexus to find a new life and home for themselves.

Or choose The Dominion! An allpowerfull intergalactic empire that has been ruling the galaxy for 2000 years! They are now claiming the planet Nexus as their rightful legacy

Claim your stake on the Planet of Nexus and build your house! Every adventurer wants their own place to hang out! so choose a plot of land an chill out in your own intergalactic house! Invite your mates over and have the most epic party of the universe! You can customize everything in your house! and not only your house! Use Ncoin to purchase cosmetic items (amongst others) and customize everything from your saddlebags to monuments, truly everything in Wildstar is customizable!

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, 2017

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