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How does this website work?

Its easy! When you complete one of our free offers you will be given a blade and soul Ncoin code!, you can redeem this code on your blade and soul account page(see the how to redeem page). Our Ncoin codes also work for NCsofts other games like Wildstar and Aion! When our server is under heavy load, it can take a few moments after having completed one of the offers before our database  registers its completion, when this happens just wait a few moments and make sure you used real information, if it shows as complete it should not take long before your code to unlock.   *If nothing happens when you click the get your Ncoin button, turn off your adblock and refresh the page*

Welcome to Free blade and soul Ncoin!

Welcome to the #1 source for free Ncoins, the blade and soul free to play currency! All you have to do to get your blade and soul Ncoin code worth 500 Ncoin and a week of premium is complete one offer from our sponsors. If you share our page with your friends first by tweeting, google plus or liking in the upper left corner, you have a chance to recieve 2 redeemable codes instead of one, thats 1000 Ncoin you can claim for free! The offers we provide are easy and fast to complete and there are multiple offers available for your country. We have given out over 700 codes to date and have many more in stock! By far the fastest and easiest way to get your blade and soul Ncoins! Use the Ncoin to purchase subscription days or digital items from the games' virtual item store.

How to Redeem

The blade and soul Free to Play system and Ncoins explained

blade and soul utilizes two in-game currencies: credits and Ncoins. Credits are gained ingame during your adventures, while Ncoin must be acquired in a special manner. Ncoins are used to purchase boosts, bonuses, and cosmetic items. Spending NCoin rewards you with Cosmic Points. There are no restrictions on any of blade and soul's content, you can enter any zone , dungeon, raid battleground etc! They are all available for you to use. Every player can create a character of every class race and path and even choose and trade-skills they would like! Everyone can archievemax level but There are some initial restrictions to the game which you can easily lift using Ncoin or Cosmic points! blade and soul has a great free to play system and using our site's Ncoin codes you can enjoy the game to the fullest!

Blade and Soul Ncoin is live!

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Blade and Soul Ncoin Codes in stock! Grab yours now!

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